Maternity Rituals


First we massage the legs, and then add a soothing foot massage to make Mom totally relaxed. A cooling leg gel is applied to reduce swelling and promote vasoconstriction.

POSTPARTUM RENEWAL BATH & WRAP 1-3/4 hour 150- The hydrating wrap starts the treatment to relax her mind and hydrate her skin. The Bathing Ritual allows Mom to soak in essential minerals to renew and restore the body’s energy. A mini massage to body, scalp, and feet adds extra hydration.

MATERNITY MASSAGE 1 hour 90- 1-1/2 hours 120-

THE ORGANIC ROSE INDULENCE FOR MOM 2 ¼ hours 167- Start with a Chromatherapy bath with Rose and tea. Next breathe in the comforting scent of roses in the luxurious facial to soften your skin... end with a Manicure finished in a nice natural pink tone.