Organic Corrective Peels
Note: 2 week prep needed. One peel is comparable to several microdermabrasions.


Dull, Dry, Wrinkled and Tired skin got you down? Are you frustrated with acne and don’t want to go on Accutane? These CHIRALLY corrected peels are botanically organic based delivering the most effective result with the least amount of irritation. Our clinically trained Estheticians will aid in selecting the best peel for you.

BLUEBERRY PEEL (perfect addition to our facial; save $20) 78-
A facial using
lactic acid good on oily, anti- aging and a rejuvenating treatment as well. Leaves skin sparkling.

POMEGRANATE PEEL (perfect addition to our facial; save $20) 78- Delivers mega doses of antioxidants; green tea, red wine, and pomegranate with gentle exfoliation and lactic acid. A combination of Chirally adjusted acids to heal, hydrate and nourish the skin.


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